Opened my eyes to a whole new world..

Before the film Adopt-A-Jesus, when I saw a homeless person on the side of the road I would swerve and just go on my way not thinking how that person could of been feeling that day. I never gave them money because I always thought they would use it for the wrong things. I watched the film Adopt-A-Jesus last night with a group of college students and it changed my way of thinking tremendously. I thought the movie was a great documentary which not only opened my eyes to homelessness but opened my eyes on how we can help the homeless. When I saw the card board cut-outs of homeless people that others can pray for I thought it was a great idea. The film stirred a message in my heart and also in the hearts of many others that I talked to after the movie. The movie took my mind off of me and placed it on a much greater population that I didn’t think of often. After the movie Brandt spoke for just a little bit. There was one thing that really stuck to my heart. He said that we have all of these ideas what we think homeless people will do if we give them money so we don’t give it to them, but who has ever told that homeless person that they can’t spend the money on that, they know no better. We have to show them what we can do to actually help, show them the right way so they will have something to follow. This really stuck to me and changed my way of thinking. Overall I think the movie and the whole experience was amazing. It put my mind on a real problem that tons and tons of people face every single day. It took my mind off of my little problems and on to something bigger. I am thankful for Brandt, thankful for the movie and the discussion. This changed my life and I think this movie is something everyone needs to see.

–Lindsey Hamby (Gardner-Webb University, NC)


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